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A three-way crossover under voltage control. Two four-pole state variable filters in series allow an input signal to be split into three non-overlapping bands, while the fourth-order Linkwitz-Riley slopes provide ideal band separation. And because both filters are full range, the bandwidths are arbitrary, not range-restricted.


• 24dB/oct filter slopes
• Fourth-order Linkwitz-Riley response curve
• 20hz-20khz range for both filters
• Individual CV inputs for both crossover points
• Inverting attenuators on CV inputs
• "L/M CV" input normalled to "M/H CV" input
• Exponential CV response


140€ (ex. VAT)


Technical Specifications

• 6hp
• 20mm depth
• Current draw: 45mA/45mA  +12v/-12v

• Reverse power polarity protection

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