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An analogue oscillator with through-zero phase modulation. The core of the  T-ZED is the SSI2130 integrated circuit. Voltage controlled wave shape and phase modulation index allow for automated sonic versatility, and 2 separate frequency ranges mean the T-ZED can be used as an audio or CV source.


• Simultaneous SINE, TRIANGLE, SAW, SQUARE, and variable SHAPE outputs
• Phase MOD input with bipolar INDEX circuit
• V/OCT input tracks 10 octaves

• FREQ spans 10 octaves, TUNE spans 1 octave
• Hard SYNC input
• SHAPE output (Sine to Triangle to Saw) with CV input and attenuator
• Frequency range HI: 10hz-25khz 
• F
requency range LO: 0,1hz-200hz 

(ex. VAT) 

Technical Specifications

• 12hp
• 25mm depth
• Current draw: 55mA/45mA  +12v/-12v

• Reverse power polarity protection

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